Mistletoe School draws families who want their children to attend one school for their entire K-8 education. The school is big enough to provide a variety of activities for everyone, but small enough for each child to receive special attention and an outstanding education that is tailored to best fit each child’s needs. Mistletoe sets the bar high with expectations for academic achievement, citizenship, study skills, and leadership. Older students model behavior and provide tutoring to the younger ones, and new students are surprised that there are no bells on this school campus. Teachers dismiss students from class based on the time, not because a bell is ringing.

Bring your child to Mistletoe School to experience a calm, family atmosphere with a challenging, rigorous academic platform.


 “….I had the privilege of taking your algebra course along with the eighth grade science and math curriculum. I have to say that now, as an electrical engineer, I use and apply many of the lessons you taught every day in my work. I graduated last year from California State University Sacramento with my bachelors of science in electrical and electronic engineering and am now working as an electrical engineer at the electric utility in San Diego. Understanding of physical science and strong math skills were key in completing the rigorous college course work and I owe a great deal of my success to teachers like you who put so much time, energy, and heart into their lessons.”    

                                                                                                                             ~ Former Mistletoe Student Testimonial

School Events
•  WEB Spring Day
•  8th Grade Graduation

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