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About Our District

The Enterprise Elementary School District was established in 1884 and has grown to one of the largest school districts in Shasta County.  The district is made up of 9 unique schools with grades ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade at our traditional sites, and up to 12th grade at Redding Collegiate Academy. 

Student Programs

Enterprise Elementary has a multitude of student programs that enhance student learning opportunities. We believe that every student is an individual learner and we strive to meet each their needs. 

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Enroll at any of the 9 Enterprise Elementary District Schools here.  We have four K-5th grade schools, two K-8th grade schools, one Middle School (6th-8th), one Alternative School, and One K-12th Charter. 

For Parents

Our biggest partner in supporting student success are our parents.  So much of what we do requires home support.  Find out how you can partner with your child's school. 

Meet Our Board

The Enterprise Elementary Board of Education is comprised of 5 elected members who serve 4-year terms.  The board works to help craft vision, oversight for district matters, and as a liason to the community. 

COVID-19 Response

Enterprise Elementary has been at the forefront of Shasta County schools response to COVID-19.  Find the most up to date information on how our district is combating COVID-19. 

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