About Us

Mission Statement:

Mistletoe is a safe place where people care about me, believe in me, and value my strengths and talents. The staff recognizes that encouraging my dreams inspires my learning. I understand that my education is a gift for which I take responsibility and make part of my future. My family, teachers, and friends at Mistletoe support my learning even if I’m struggling. Along the way, my accomplishments are celebrated.

About Mistletoe

The staff at Mistletoe shares a core belief that every child can learn and that it is our responsibility to provide the students of Mistletoe with every opportunity to reach their academic potential. This goal is attained through the commitment of the dedicated staff who teach the students a rigorous curriculum aligned with the state standards that is relevant to real-life and designed around the needs of the children we serve, including their need to compete in an ever-changing world.

The Mistletoe staff believes that providing a family-like environment strongly connected to our parent community is fundamental to the ongoing support and development of each student. With strong relationships intact, children have the freedom to discover and enjoy the process of reaching their fullest potential. A focus on learning and growing, whether it be in the arena of academics, interpersonal skills, the arts, or sports, makes active the idea that there are no limits to the success of each student.

Mistletoe School educates kindergarten through eighth grade students. Mistletoe School has been designated a Title I High Achieving School, and National Forum School to Watch, a California Honor Roll School, and has received the California Distinguished School for outstanding achievement and excellence in education. Our philosophy is to meet the needs of all children and to facilitate the development of each student's potential. We believe that in-depth learning, quality instruction, and cultivating individual talents will guide our vision and growth in the future.